I’ve been a part of a large number of collaborative groups. While the experience is rewarding, the creative process leaves me angry. To the point: no one listens to me.

Don’t misunderstand me: they may hear me, but they don’t take my input to heart. And when they don’t take my input to heart, I wonder why I’m even there. Am I there just so there’s another opinion that can be dismissed? Maybe.

The kicker is when the “leader” of the group – the one who talks the most and the loudest – eventually comes around with the whole “you were right – we should have listened to you”. Even if they never admit or realize that I was the one with the right direction, they do ultimately follow the path that I’d laid out.

So if you want me on your team, stop contradicting me. I’m right. I can’t prove it. And it’s not some high opinion of myself that leads me to say this but, I’m right. I just am.

In the meantime, the only one whose creative process matters to me right now is ME. I’ve gotta do my own thing.


Two fonts have come to my attention that I think are quite good. The first is NeutraFace. The second is Avenir Next.

The former is used in places on the New York Times website. The later is used on the weather aggregator forecast.io. Well done, folks!




Well I’ve gone and moved again. My eight year journey of home ownership is at an end for now. All of the angst I had in the purchase of my house is now meaningless. And that’s ok.

I think the next year will have to be some sort of “stuff cleansing” as I determine what I actually need to keep in my life and what I don’t. I imagine I’ll move two more times – once into an apartment and lastly into another house – before I’m ready to ship off to a retirement community. Being able to pack and unpack quickly will have a lot of merit.

I think I’m mostly there, considering how much I’ve had to live without for the past year as it’s all been put into boxes and stored.


Or maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Family will always be disappointed by the decisions you make for yourself. Because it’s all about them, right?


I’m thinking that this is a discipline that just hasn’t been well established. Sounds like fun to me.

Get it?