Holy cow this one was rough. I went in all “I’m totally doing this all loose and alla prima” and… I hit a wall. I just went back to my representational process and I guess that’s just what I do. It was so large and so complicated that it really should have been done in glazes. Or I should have been throwing paint at the canvas. Either way – it’s done.

Looking at it now, I like it for its pulp qualities. The vibrancy of the green and the blue-gray remind me of what I was trying to do about five years ago when I first started the derby paintings. If it were more simple I think it could have been a pulp cover from ages past. So I’m calling this one “Pulp Derby” all official-like.

Pulp Derby. 18x24. Oil on canvas board. March 2015

Pulp Derby. 24×18. Oil on canvas board.